What to do at Kipungani Explorer Lodge

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This tour will start from Nairobi an we will proceed to the destination. Every one is required to arrive two hours earlier to avoid any inconveniences. Feel free to contact our staff in case of any more inquiries.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before departure.
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There are a number of laid back activities such as kayaking, windsurfing and snorkelling for guests to engage in while on their Kenya beach holiday at Kipungani Explorer.

Sunset Dhow Sailing

Enjoy setting sail in a traditional Arabian dhow in the calm waters of the channel and watch the sun slip below the horizon while sipping on refreshing drinks. This is a wonderful way to explore the Swahili Coast.


Spend a fun morning paddling round the bay in one of the kayaks; this is a wonderful way to take in the scenery of the coastline. Guests can choose to kayak on their own or take a double kayak. The lodge can even arrange for a guide to help you paddle.

Windsurfing and Sailing

Discover the thrill of whizzing along while windsurfing or sailing in the serene waters of the bay. These activities come with a free introductory lesson during which you will learn to sail.

Snorkelling Trips

This is a wonderful excursion out to a large out cropping in the ocean where there is abundant marine life and the conditions are ideal for snorkelling. The trips are dependent upon the weather conditions. One of the things this diving location is that the Dolphin sightings are above average. All the equipment you need is provided.

Island Tours

Set out on an interesting tour of Lamu Town, this dates from the 12 century and is a last stronghold of the Swahili culture. There are many quirky markets, interesting museums and mosques to visit. A highlight of the tour is the distinctive style of architecture. Take a tour to the historical ruins which date back centuries on the surrounding islands of Pate, Siu and Manda Island.


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